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Citizen Registration Terms and Conditions - Nigeria Embassy
Nigeria Citizen Registration - Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all Nigerians Resident in China. By registering on the system, you are entering into a contract with the Nigeria Embassy and Nigeria Consulates in China.

X. This System allows you to freely register with the Embassy and Consulates of Nigeria in China. You are NOT required to make any payments whatsoever to complete this process, therefore this system contains no payment module.

X. By Using any of the features provided on the Embassy and Consulate General platform, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions as described below.

1. You as termed "Participant" must be an adult citizen of the Federal republic of Nigeria - not below the age of 18. If you are less than 18, You should be registered as a dependent under your Nigerian guardian in China.

2. Participant is responsible for ensuring that information provided is complete and accurate personal information.

3. The Nigerian Embassy and Consulate retains all rights to reject the application of any person it deems unsuitable to join the community, at their own discretion.

4. The content and information displayed on the Nigeria Embassy and Consulate websites are believed to be valid and correct. Any errors are deemed to be unintentional and beyond the responsibility of the Mission.

5. An accepted applicant information whether personal or official remain utilizable by authority of the Embassy either by direct representative of the Mission, or trusted third-party in carrying out consular affairs.

6. Participant is strictly forbidden to use any module or feature of the system to publicise, criticise or portray insulting elements against the governments of neither of the diplomatically tied countries. Hence in any occurrence whatsoever, participant shall solely bear the full consequences of such an action by provision of the law.

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