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    Submission of application for e-Passport should be done between 10am and 12nn on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Collection of ePassports can be done between 2pm and 4pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (excluding holidays). Please read the Nigeria immigration e-passport guidelines

    e-Passport Requirements
    Print Requirements Email Requirements

    Note: As a Nigerian Citizen living in China, All consular Services require that you must be registered with the Embassy of Nigeria before applying for any of such service. Please Click here to Register Online

    1. Online Citizen Registration
    2. Completed Online Application Forms (2 Copies)
    3. Online Guarantors Form (2 Copies)
      Guarantor form can only be obtained after you have completed the main ePassport application, acquired application ID and reference number
    4. Online Payment Slip (2 Copies)
    5. Applicant's Passport-Sized Photographs (2 Copies)
    6. Guarantors' Passport-Size Photograph (2 Copies)
    7. Applicant's Passort Data Page (2 Copies)
    8. Guarantor's Passport Data Page (2 Copies)
    9. Applicant's Residence Permit Visa or Marriage Visa (2 Copies)
    10. Guarantor's Resident Visa / Marriage Visa (2 Copies)
    11. Birth Certificate (for those born in China) (2 Copies)
    The above Nigeria e-Passport requirements may flexibly apply in special cases.


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